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Subeta Reminds Us How Important It Is to Do Backups

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Today I was alerted by a fellow player to a thread created by Subeta's owner, Keith. I was a little hesitant to click since I had just been venting about my frustration with not being able to play the site for almost a year properly due to lag and debating on just finally calling it quits (not that I wanted to) - and her frown face emote prior to showing the link had me concerned.

Little did I know what I was in for...

I'll go ahead and also link to the official announcement made a little earlier today|here|. You will note there was no news posted until today, despite this being an issue found on March 24th.

Subeta had a glitch in their new wardrobe system, resulting in several (amount unknown) items being removed across the board.

Typically this wouldn't be a problem, simply consult your backups - right?

Unfortunately, the backups stopped running about four months ago

Users are upset and staff is about to be very overworked. We can only hope they bounce back from this like so many other hiccups they've had in the past.

Let this be a lesson I thought we all already knew: Always create a backup. Even if it's automatically done, always check it - especially if you're releasing a new feature.

Don't forget! Sometimes the simplest things we learn when we start out, can get overlooked.

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Not just a backup - but also off site or at least off server.  Because if you lose your server, then you would lose your backups and wouldn't be able to recover.

I know with IcePets, if we lose the server, it would take less than a day or so to recover from where we left off, all code is kept off server in source control, as well as all assets!

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@judda Very true! You have drummed this into my head enough that I hope it'll stick. Just like most things: the more backups in more places, the better!

I have over 17,000 items personally I am going to try to sort through to help, but my most recent list on a sister site (subetalodge.org) isn't up to date. Sigh Can just imagine how stressed out the staff is as well.

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