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Solpets: Trick or Treating has began!

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Trick or Treating started October 1st!

This year it has changed a bit. Last year, you did not need the items. This year you must have eggs, rotten eggs, and/or toilet paper in your inventory to trick someone. And you must have candy to treat someone. For every 5 people you TRICK you will get 2 candies to do whatever you may wish. For every 5 people you TREAT you get 500 sPoints. You can only trick/treat a user every 2 hours (1 hour if premium). Have fun Trick or Treating!

Also - in spirit of the holiday - for the whole month of October profiles will look a little different, so don't be startled by the change. It will go away in a month. I would like comments and suggestions for it though.

Our artist Loki has been working really hard getting new Halloween items ready for the season. They will be released later this week.

She also updated some of our old items:


We also have new item descriptions from CandyCanes added and a new writer - welcome TheSilentOne!

Loki has made some new Halloween items that are now in stock at the Holiday Shop. It's time to stock up!


2 New candy holders to choose from for trick or treating also!


She has also made us a few new forum icons:


 Nightfury3200 has made us some new user shop shopkeepers so you are able to customize your own shop a little more.



We also now have discord for everyone to use: https://discord.gg/mR75D5r

Everyone has been working really hard this month. Let's keep it going!

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