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Looking for Programmer (Quotes)

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Hi again, I'm looking for a quote on a demo type thing. It's something like a basic pet generator demo, similar to this.

What I'd like is a demo with options for the following:

  • Species (4 types)
  • Body Color (10 preset colors)
  • Eye Color (4 preset colors)
  • Accent Color (3 preset colors)
  • Clothing options that can be layered
    • Including: Head, Accessory, Top, Bottom

So I guess sort of an avatar generator more likely. Doesn't need a randomize button but save image option of some kind would be nice. At the moment all I have "done" is my layout (as seen here). It still needs some tweaks because things aren't properly aligned or anything  but my last programmer sort of fell through so I'm hoping to find someone a little more up to the task. Feel free to pm me or post here. I'd love to know what the cost of a demo like this would be, thank you!

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