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Are social media pages worth it?

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In the context of petsites - is it worth it to have dedicated pages/accounts for games?

I usually see very little engagement or follows. For me as a player, it's most useful when a site is down and there is more info on social media on what happened / when it will return.

Otherwise they seem to be just copying news instead of trying to advertise or highlight the community.

An exception that I know of would be FlightRising - just going off their twitter! They share news, RT fanart, and community projects. Interaction on posts could be better, but its got more traction than I see from others. Its got about half the followers of Neopets (12k vs 20k) and about the same numbers of interactions on posts.

Most other sites I looked up have 1k or fewer followers.


So is it worth it to have social media accounts? How should they benefit petsites? Any success stories or tips?

Do you follow any pet game social media accounts? If so, where and how do you engage with them?

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I think you hit the nail on the head for the main issue. They're boring. I'm not sure how well people understand the importance of having a dedicated social media manager versus an RSS reader.

Things I would love to see if I was into a pet game on their socials: sneak peeks/previews, jokes or in-game references, mentions of the community, showcasing special features/pets/items, Q&A sessions, etc. Keeping the news updates is fine, but have some more variety in between. 

I think looking at bigger media corporations will help give ideas over 'best practices'.

Advice I've heard, though it was aimed at YTbers, can also apply here, is you want to make two kinds of content: searchable and for your audience. You want people to be able to find you, and you want to be able to build/entertain your specific community once they're there.

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