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Eqcetera: A Realistic Horse Game


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Some of you may have heard of Eqcetera, and many of you probably haven't. Eqcetera is a growing horse simulation game based in realism. 

Basic features

  • Realistic horse genetics
  • 5.5 trillion possible color combinations
  • Unique showing system based on number of entries
  • Estate system
  • Boarding centers
  • Crossbreeds

What makes us different?

There are tons of different horse games out there. We pride ourselves in a friendly community. As soon as you join, there is always someone there to help you learn the ropes. Our community is a mature one, with the majority aged 20-50 and drama-free. 

We also have a unique crossbreeding system. Want to create your own breed? Have at it! Any purebred or recognized crossbreed can be bred together to create your own version, including as many breeds as you want! You can view percentages of each breed within a horse and keep track of its lineage. 

Recent Changes

In the past two months, we've been making a lot of changes to fix some economy elements and better the user experience. This includes the following:

  • Instantly seeing horses as soon as you purchase from the Foundation Store.
  • View both parents and instantly see the foal after breeding.
  • You now have to care daily for horses, including feeding, watering, and grooming.
  • Boarding centers are now premium accounts only. They also now have 3 tiers: DIY livery, part livery, and full livery.
  • Brumbies were released with a unique breeding system of being able to breed Half Brumbies then create Brumbies again when breeding back to a full Brumby. The purpose of this is to breed colors into Brumbies. As wild horses IRL, they can have mixtures of many breeds.
  • There is now unlimited boarding specifically for new players (joined less than 30 days ago).
  • Players now have boarding passes which limit how many horses they can board outside their own stables.

Coming Soon

As you can see, we're making a lot of changes as we grow. There's even more planned! Want to be a part of our growth? Join today and make some friends in our great community.

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