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What drove you to make a game?


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One thing that I am always curious about, is the "why" people decided to start their own game/sim site.  What was the appeal to you? Was it the thought of creating something brand new? Was it to push yourself to learn more? Was it to get rich?

What is it that made you really think "hey, I have an idea and I want to make a game"?

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Mostly out of spite! After 5 years of playing Flight Rising I got banned over a grey area rule/scam. I've known multiple people that suffered under the ban hammer- the way FR deals with their customer service/support makes me very angry because even though logically they're just pixels, they can represent a lot to people: friendships, community, 'employment' (both on site employment and selling art/services in the forums), a way to relieve stress and escape from hardships in life.... to have that ripped out from under your feet is monumentally devastating.

So I wanted to make a pet site that focused on having a reliable and more understanding approach to dealing with rule breaking, punishments and the like (ya know, actually using the suspension feature to punish mild infractions instead of straight up banning).

Plus there's not much in the way of sci fi or dinosaurs out there, so trying to slide in on that cx

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For me it was just...making a game lol. Ever since I was little I wanted to make games; not specifically a certain genre, just something people could enjoy. Now game development a hobby of mine, and I work on it on my free time. I don't plan for any of my projects to get as big as flight rising or lioden (although that would be nice), I'm just exploring if I can bring my ideas to life.

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