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Star Trek Picard


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I've always been a fan of Star Trek, back from my first days of watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (then I went back to watch The Original Series).  I was excited to see at the end of last year that a new series, Picard, was starting up.

So far I'm loving it - so much of the Star Trek that I've been missing over the last while.

After starting to watch it, I immediately went and watched Discovery since there was a bit I was missing there.  So good!

What do you think?

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Discovery jumped some real sharks, but remains overall good show. Picard is nothing but awesome so far, leaving me to want longer episodes every week. It is literally leaving me with the same feeling every week as the Mandalorean did.  More, MOre, MORE!  and all that :) - On that note, the only series I think I haven't seen start to finish, is Voyager. I was a real fan of Enterprise.

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Enterprise was the first one that I actually watched all of.  I have to get back into finishing *all* of the other series.  I normally got 2-3 seasons in then forgot to go back ... I should probably go back to them soon :)

Mandalorean = meh, meh meh OMG THIS IS AMAZING!

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