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Scope (Over-ambitious Ideas)


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So this is something I (and I'm sure many others) have experienced at one point or another.

You have a big, awesome idea for a game or feature that you daydream about and think 'This will be the best.' Maybe it's an idea that other games don't attempt because it's so ambitious, but you really want to do it anyway.

What was your ambitious idea? Did you follow through with it or scrap it? Do you regret following through with the idea, or do you regret scrapping it? 

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I have about 3 or so pet site "ideas" half coded over here. One day...

I have found as I get older, and life gets going that although I have ambition to work on fun things, the ability to follow through is limited by other engagements. It is now not a matter of "I can do that!", but now a matter "of should I do this?"

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One ambitious idea was deciding to make a new pet site and getting started that day with Michael. We named it IcePets, and @Nate made it possible with years of development. 

Over ambitious because I had no clear picture what to expect at the start, was just disappointed as a player seeing Teripets decline and wanted to do more.

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