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Duelingpets Update[PMboxes]


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I know I haven't been active on this site much lately but Duelingpets has kind of gone through a lot of major revisions.

We now have Items, Itemtypes, Creatures, and Creaturetypes currently working.

Shoutbox communication does work but has yet to be tested.

PMboxes have been built but there is no way to currently send PMs.

The site has drastically changed from my original site, and while I don't have a ton of flashy features I feel the site handles bot protection pretty well.

There is still a lot more work I can do for the site, but I be happy to say the site is now in Open Beta development.

User accounts will be reset from time to time as I add has_one related items, just to give users a heads up.


Even though I made a lot progress this site has had a few setbacks.

Rails 3.2 support was dropped on my remote site which meant I have to learn Rails 5.2 whose structure is very different.

Initial install of Rails and Ruby were a pain to get up and running.

I no longer can update my website from my local Linux laptop as MySQL has become corrupted. So I literally am reliant on the webserver for support.


I have been pretty busy with work and there have been times when I didn't want to work on my website.

Playing a variety of games such as Minecraft let me loosen up a bit.

I do enjoy an rp from time to time which helps boost my mood.

These two activities are part of the reason I still work on my website.


I am pretty happy to visit here once again as this place helped me get started and learn many things.

I am still waiting to be interviewed about my site when the time comes.

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Taking some time for yourself can be important, especially when things seem to be falling apart. My fallback is usually the Dragon Age Series ?

I am glad to hear you have been managing to make some nice additions though! I found the registration page text very entertaining. ?

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