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Mob's Dumping Grounds


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Made a general creative thread on the last two boards I roamed. One shut down and the other is near-dead, so why not make a new home here?

The main concept is something of a sim game, after all. 

First up -- Critters! -- and the old Title/Logo. 

Originally this was supposed to be a Fantasy World and the pets looked like animals. When I decided to set the concept in the not-so-distant past I struggled with how animals would work in this type of setting. One concept was having players have an Anthro-like Avatar and the Animal-creatures be Tamagotchi-like Digital Pets within the game world that took over the automated functions of running your store. Still struggled with making NPCs and Animals look like they're from the same world. 

Then, I happened to get inspiration from a random Youtube recommended video. If the game was going to be set in the not-so-distant past why not go for that look? 

After a round of critical research a handful of series were used as inspiration for the new looks. 


  1. Cat-Dragon got less busy over time
  2. Ghost-Dog originally based off a dog that crossed a certain Technicolor Bridge in 2015. It's still a ghost, but less wolf-like and with fluffy wisps 
  3. Bird was the hardest concept to nail. Had many more sketches than this. Originally a Chicken-Phoenix, it became a Dodo-Angel
  4. Mouse-Fairy, meanwhile, was the easiest. This is also the species I drew the most art and variants of
  5. A horse-manticore, of course. Thought it looked too busy so did away with the griffon-features and made it more lion-like
  6. Pig-vampire was another easy concept. Feathery wings became batty
  7. Concept's old name and logos. I drew #1 but thought it looked too busy. Commissioned #2, but think I wasted money in retrospect


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Looking for some feedback on a Minigame I'm working on. 

Here it is.

Main this is a possible control scheme for this. The buttons at the button don't work (yet?), but I'm not even sure that's the right way to go for something like this. Meanwhile, if you're on Desktop you something similar you can use the arrow keys to get around. 

Meanwhile I might work on some graphics. 

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