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Northern Call: A unique Wolf Sim


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What is Northern Call?
Northern Call is a wolf sim site much like flightrising or Lioden. The site is currently being revamped completely and will be opening sometime this year.

What makes Northern Call unique?
All the wolves on the site are hand-colored. When a player signs up they are able to provide any 3 colors using a color picker for their Alpha. A lo of time and care go into designing all the wolves on the site, be it from a player's first wolves to all the explore wolves.

What can you do on the site?
When the site opens you'll be able to hunt, explore, enter your wolves into the weekly breeding raffle, go on quests for items, shop in the marketplace and interact with other players in the forums and private messaging system. We will also have site wide events during the course of the year.

We're always open to more suggestions for thing to add to the site.

Is there a development page I can follow?
Yes, we have a DA page as well as  discord server. The DA page is https://www.deviantart.com/northerncall and the Discord server is https://discordapp.com/invite/D56qfFm

Is there anyway I can support of the site?
Yes, we've recently opened a Patreon to help take some of the costs of the site. All money earned on the Patreon goes directly into the site.






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