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Aeonite.net [In development]


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Hey there, I'm Jin (Nerkcast) and I am developing Aeonite.net
Updating this post to reflect our Site changes sine this post was first posted!

We have left our codename Venturepets behind and are officially called Aeonite.net!
Started as a way to help me practice my art and learn a bit more programming I wanted to set out to try improve on some things that other sites I felt are lacking and tbh just to do stuff my way. This made learning fun and I am still having a blast!

The Aeonite Universe revolves around fantasy creatures in a mostly "cell shaded" art style with various worlds. Pets tend to be a hybrid of various species.
Your active pet plays a huge role in how various parts of the site interact with you and changes depending on how you customize each pet. The System is still being fleshed out but it has a great start and looks very promising! We want a players pets to be something they work on as much as they can, not completely collect. That being said Players will be able to create pets as "Villagers" vs thier main ones. Story wise we are working this out.

We want to foster a community that strives with creativity and passion and will work very closely with players on improving the site and making it a better game (basic right!?)
We are also advertising to a 20-something crowd, an older audience if you will.

For some time it was just me creating here and there but now we have an amazing small team!
We are Looking to expand our team with a few volunteer work (we are a laid back group and theres no pressure)

- If you are an artist that would like to get some work under your belt I personally need help with things.
- Please message me for details! 

We also have paid positions when I announce them

I have attached a few things to let you have a little bit of view on what i've done so far.
I have also started an official twitter to start posting a few teasers, updates etc from! Please follow us! We also follow other pet sites!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AeoniteOfficial
Twitch Streams:(the Link changed to video on me. we are located on twitch at /nerkcast)




light-icon-lrg (2).png


tantantemp (1).png














Edited by Jinjojin
Updated Site name and updated text!
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We have updated our projects name!

I updated the initial post!

We would also like to invite you guys to follow us on twitter, @AeoniteOfficial
We Also Stream development and will soon have a public Discord

I am really hoping to let you guys be some of the first Alpha testers
Yall are a great helpful community and yall have helped me gain strive to continue my project

(Ignore my TX yall twang)

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