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art and project work by banshee


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I am going to try and be more active in the community, hoping to meet new people and create cool stuff together. I am an artist who has tried to pick up programming before but have had little luck, so while I may try again in the near future, I am here to showcase artwork. I do not have a partner or a programmer to make these projects reality, however i will create artwork and try to design some components of the game for the future. whether this is working with a programmer to make this project happen or learning to do it on my own ^^;

I will most likely post about projects later, but for now I will just dump some random stuff.


i can illustrate anything but really enjoy drawing wildlife, fantasy, machinery and monsters







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This is one of my game ideas. I like the name Wolfterra but I have yet to buy the domain. The idea behind this is a graphical chatsite game similar to Chatlands, Wolfing, Dreamshift, The Palace, Club Penguin, Animal Jam, Habbo Hotel, Pony.Town and more. The idea behind this is that people can visit locations and chat with one another using unique avatars.

For this game, I have decided to carry on the long tradition of using wolves as a focus for the character concepts and lore. The reason why I choose to do this isn't simply habit but for several other reasons as well: wolves are social creatures as evident to our dog companions, and this is a platform that is meant to encourage social activity as a focus. Wolves also have well recorded behaviors that are so fun to translate into human concepts (profile -> sniff for example, or howl instead of message). Rich in lore, the possibilities for writing about wolves are fun and endless, with even the capability of making pop-culture references and more. They are also a prosecuted species, misunderstood but important ecosystem players -- and conservation and charity have all I've ever loved sporting for my entire art career.

Other games, such as Animal Jam, allow for multiple animal species which is good for a catch-all. But if the catch-all is already there, why bother? I'd rather expand on customizable options for a single species and put a focus on creating art for events, achievements, treasures, whatever else instead of create 20+ elaborate species with minimal customizable options. I did this with Lupinar, a graphical chatsite I created with a focus on the Cenozoic and paleoart. You can see some of that artwork & screencaps here: Lupinar Artwork

So this is "Wolfterra", a place where you're a wolf more than once a month! Heh.

I am just going to dump some of my poor rough drafts first and expand on the various concepts behind them as I work to complete art aspects to it.

I am the first to admit that some of these concepts probably don't make sense. BTW, these wolf avatars are stationary with minimal animation, if any. You move the avatar around using drag and drop. The environment should be able to change with the avatars to create a color palette affect and make the images appear involved in the atmospheres of the landscapes.




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