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Vmons 2.0 - Closed Beta Coming Soon


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Over the past few months I've been recreating Vmons from scratch. Closed beta will be coming in November and I'm looking for people that can hang out in the Discord, provide input on ideas, and participate in the beta.

The initial beta will focus mostly on the battle and rankings system.

In our short term release, the site will include:|
- A starter pet
- Random pet encounters
- Live turn based battles
- Tournaments with prizes (not just in-game prizes, more like game consoles, laptops, etc.)


In the long term, the Explore and Quest system is being built. A feature that never got released previously where you get to explore the 2D world of Vmons, complete quests, encounter Vmons in the wild, and embark on seasonal storylines.


Feel free to join the Discord and let me know if you want to participate in the beta: https://discord.gg/9etYr2N

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I'll be posting screenshots in the discord as I code the battle system next week. The beta testing will be placeholder line-art for the pets and even rougher place holders for items. Likely will be seeking some artists to hire soon, if I don't hear back from my original artist (it has been nearly a decade now).


To be direct, I guess I should clarify: the beta wont be pretty at all. It's going to be rough and have a minimalist bootstrap UI. I want to see people trying to break it, exploit it, cheat the systems, and provide feedback on the functionality. I can always add a coat of paint with flames to make it 10% faster later. 

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