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Seeking a programmer for a human avatar system


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Hello all!

Seeking a programmer for a human avatar system along the lines of Gaia Online and Subeta. More or less a dollmaker... no need for the user to be logged in, no need for the system to access the inventory, etc. Everything would be available right away to the user, who would be able to search for items to add to the avatar and select from those.

All colors are premade. No color select necessary, although I would like to discuss this as a possibility for hair and eyes, depending on the price.

Pieces are as follows:

  • Bases (skintone and gender select)
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Top1
  • Top2
  • Top3
  • Hand1
  • Hand2
  • Pants
  • Feet
  • Back
  • Background

And up to 25 accessory slots (whenever they pick an accessory, another slot appears).

I also need to be able to easily add more items to the system, so creating some kind of admin panel would be necessary.

No need for users to be able to "store" their creations, although I would like if they could save the file to their computer instead of just taking a screenshot.

Send me a message here if you're interested! ? We can discuss upfront payment as well, since I'm a newbie.


- WLeonhart

EDIT: Found someone! :D


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Found someone
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