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April Refer-A-Friend Competition

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April Refer-A-Friend Competition

So we are a new community that is growing, and what better to grow then have a good ole' referral contest. This contest runs until May 1st, 2017, so you have a month to let your friends know about us.

The reason for this competition is to bring new members to the site, grow our growing conversations, and be able to do so much more!

The Prizes:

The prizes for this competition goes like this:

  • Everyone who gets at least 2 valid referrals will get $5 in account credits for our store, to be used for Adoptable goodies (for now, more later).
  • The 2nd and 3rd place winners get the account credits for the store, but an additional $10 Amazon eGift Certificate, and a unique Adoptable that will be only one of 3 on the site.
  • The 1st prize gets the account credit, $30 in an Amazon eGift Certificate, and the Adoptable.

The Adoptable for this competition is unique and will not be given out afterwards, so you will definitely want to participate for something truly unique.



The Winners!

The winners for April's Refer-A-Friend Competition are:

  1. @runeowl who got 15 points total in referrals, thanks for referring several active members to the forums!
  2. @Pepper-Head who got 6 points, thanks for referring new members here!
  3. @Anoua who got 4 points, thanks for your referrals!

Those who qualified for the store credits are:

  1. @glitch with 3 points.
  2. @tiff with 3 points.
  3. @chutkat with 3 points.

What is a valid referral?

A valid referral is a member who lists you as the person who referred them (or used your link), and registered and validated their email address. To spice things up even more:

  • A basic email validated referral is worth one (1) point.
  • If that user posts at least three posts this month, you will earn three (3) in the competition instead of the one for that user.

What is my referral link to post elsewhere?

You will find it in your Settings page. Posting that link will allow the user to visit the site and upon signup Auto-populate the referral field with your username. The user will keep a cookie (unless they clear it) for 12 days after using your link so if they leave and come back you will most likely still receive credit.



I will be posting leaderboards every few days, our referral system will track users referred, but keeping track of how many points each referral is worth (one point vs three) requires me to do some database query magic. You can always look at your Profile under referrals to see how many members you have recruited at any time. As always with referral contests, if you try and cheat the rules, you will lose, so just be honest and try and get in honest members, because after all... this is supposed to be a fun competition.

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Oh sweet! I'm really looking forward to that new adoptable and of course seeing all the new faces here c: 

Also really small but exciting discovery: I'm so happy that I'm user #8, that is my lucky number (also I was born on the 8th day of the 8th month soooo double luck!)

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