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Faenaria Kickstarter: 100% Funded!


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I'm so excited to post that we got a new Kickstarter launched! The staff and I have been working on this project for the last couple of months. Originally we were just going to do a site fundraiser, however, in the end we thought something more official might bring in new members and further grow our community. This also gives us a chance to bring back the KS rewards from our first Kickstarter, allowing users to get them who missed out before.

Ultimately, we really believe that this is the best course of action for the site. These upgrades will make our future better and brighter! So please, head on over and check out the campaign, share it with your friends, and if you can, pledge to get amazing rewards!

As always we love each and every member of our community! We look forward to undertaking this new journey with you all!



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We've already hit 50% of our funding goal! WHOO-HOO!

Our Kickstarter has gotten off to a great start and we couldn't be more thrilled!! In just a couple of days we have reached almost 50% of our goal! That is definitely a feat worth celebrating!

A big, heartfelt thank you goes out to all of those who have pledged so far! If you haven't pledged, well, what are you waiting for?! Early Bird Specials will expire in 35 hours, get those extra goodies while you can! Click the link below and pledge today!

Transport to Kickstarter

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Break out the bubbly! We have officially reached 100% of our funding goal!! 

Not only that, but we're also a mere $20 from our first stretch goal: the Kessho! When unlocked it will become available to every backer who has pledged $25 or more!

>>>>> Read More Here <<<<<


A fierce hunter of Faenaria's coldest mountain regions, the Kessho is as efficient as he is cunning. Their shaggy coats insulate them against the frigid climate that they call home. The crystals that adorn their bodies are unique to each Kessho. The crystals give off magic based frequencies that are used for communication between clan-mates while hunting.

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