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Hey welcome Chibisaurus.

Best is pretty subjective, but what type of sites do you generally like? Do you play any currently? 

I have two games myself, Animal Acres and Eliyo which are pretty different. Animal Acres is a pretty standard sim from older days though I have been adding updates. Then Eliyo I designed from the ground up, but it's still in Beta and I do have more features I am planning to add before I'll consider it out of beta. Battling and breeding are the main focuses there.

I personally enjoy Sylestia myself, but hardly play any anymore just because I am busy. Still it has some cool RPG elements which I enjoy, and has fun breeding options too, hex based system. Some newer ones include Novilar and Tattered Weave which are probably worth checking out if you haven't.

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Hi, I am Hwona and I joined on 12/16/17!


Hi all! It's great to see the old community still around. I was active on VPL and finally found the link here through an FB link. For those who don't know me, I'm an aspiring programmer, designer, and writer who's working on a couple of small projects. Nice to meet you all!

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