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Nice! I am the owner of Animal Acres and Eliyo.

I don't have a ton of time to play in general, but have an account pretty much everywhere including FelisFire. Has been a bit now, but will still check back in on Sylestia, Wajas, and Flight Rising from time to time. Others I check too, but with less frequency. I like to keep up to date on what's going on. My play style in general though tends to be binge play for a bit, forget about the game for a while (or just get busy), come back and play for a while again. And that is for any games I play virtual pet and console games.

Most recently I have been enjoying playing my own game Eliyo though which has been pretty cool. It's taken a bit to get to the point where I can play it without just wanting to go back in and update things. I do still do that some (I am the programmer) which has been great too, but have actually been able to just play as well.

Were you a FelisFire player before the purchase or is it new to you? I bought Animal Acres but hadn't heard of it or played it before buying it was interesting jumping in learning things afterwards.

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That is really cool!

I have a lot less time to play games since adulting makes things difficult at times. I also have a hard time staying interested in games and so have pretty much stayed with the same four games for many years now.  I play Dragcave, Chickensmoothie, Aywas, and of course Felisfire.

I played Felisfire for quite a few years before the site came up for sale. I took a lot of thought into purchasing the site as I would love to see the players having fun and excited again.

I do not program my site but I have two really great programmers who put up with my crazy questions and the "Hey Let's try this" things.

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Yeah I relate on both counts for gaming. 

Well that's cool. It'd be pretty cool to be able to purchase a site you are already interested in as a game. Do you have a lot of plans for the site? I have a ton of things I want to do with both of mine, just takes time. Of course Eliyo is still Beta anyway. But Animal Acres I am more focused on revamping current features and bringing them up to date. I do have some new feature plans too, but my main focus is the refactoring at this point.

Well that's great you have two programming available to you. I think having a second programming would help out a lot myself, but at the moment just put any extra money towards art. My husband is learning programming though, so we are hoping he'll be able to start helping build as well. But at the moment he is just helping me with the ideas and what needs improvement. :)

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I do have a lot of plans but of course it takes time and money. Major thing is getting the player base back up right now. I am also in the process of getting small changes done and the site running correctly. There are apparently quite a few bugs. Felisfire is still in Beta as well. I am hoping by next year we can release it fully. 

Art is such a headache to deal with, no offense to anyone. I applaud anyone. I am in the process of tracking down the old artists who did a majority of the items on the site to see about what needs to be done to add in new items, possibly update some.

I am glad to meet someone else that is working on getting games up to date. Most people don't realize how frustrating it can be, as well as the long hours put in. I spent the past two nights working with the programmers getting the shops updated as they have had the same stuff for awhile now.

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Oh didn't realize Felisfire was still Beta too.

Yeah bugs are common. It's amazing how many bugs I've fixed, and still find and fix, on Animal Acres that just went unnoticed or at least unfixed. Some are hard to believe they have just been sitting there with no complaints, and it's not like people aren't playing. We aren't big, but get plenty of traffic and regular players too.

It's nice you have found programmers willing to work on fixing and updating instead of just trying for a recode. Sometimes recodes are needed, but often it's better to just refactor as areas are touched or you have time. Especially if you have a active site already that people are using and enjoying. It can be a pain to go this route, but has been worth it for Animal Acres so far. 

Yeah I can imagine that would be. Mostly I have just worked with new artist for mine, but most of the art was player submitted anyway at this point. So just been working to update and get things more consistent overall. 

Yes it is nice to run into someone else doing the same, definitely agree. A ton goes into these games and in some ways taking over can be even more stressful.Having an established community has some advantages, but also disadvantages in that people have their own opinions and desires for the site. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more or ask questions. :)

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