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CLOSED: Looking for a Background/Image Map Artist


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I'm fiddling away on my little learning project and have reached the point where I can commission some more art. Mainly for the map. 

I'll need six different map areas:

  • Main Entrance - It's going to be like a Splash Page 
  • 4 Wings (Four Separate Maps) - Some concepts are below for this one. There are going to be six storefronts in each wing (24 stores total)
  • Central Food Court - There are going to be six storefronts in the Food Court

Here's a feel for what I am looking for - 

Alternative Perspective - 

These areas are going to be editable PSDs since the look and makeup of the maps is going to change seasonally. 

So the storefronts should be empty for now. If you do a great job, I'll pay extra for you to design the storefronts. 

I already have money budgeted for this and will pay by Paypal. 

PM Me with a quote and your portfolio.


Edit: Found an Artist. I think I'll let them do the entire set if they're up for it, so I'm going to close this one. 

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Position Filled.
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