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Twitter tags?

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Ah, you mean Hashtags? 

Hashtags are the way that people find information quickly on Twitter. When you click on a Hashtag you are sent to a page that has all of the posts related to that hashtag so you can see all comments about it, starting with the latest. If a Hashtag gets a high number of posts within a certain time period it will appear in the Top 10 of Twitter and be "trending", which greatly increases its exposure.

That said, it is rare (but not impossible) for a game to get that type of exposure. Super Smash Brothers, Pokemon, Call of Duty, and Animal Crossing are a few of the games I remember trending in the last few months. Club Penguin, more a game our speed, trended a while ago when its demise was announced. 

Well, let's dive in, anyway. 

First thing's first; you have to make Hashtags for your own products, features and events. 

So you have to make a #WildSouls or #FoodBabs tag so people can find your product. You don't and shouldn't use your custom Hashtag on every post but you should on important posts (major features, events, promotions, updates, ect.). 

Next, you have to work on getting some more exposure by using other tags. 

To that, I say you must be extremely careful

One ill-advised strategy that I often see Twitter Accounts using is commenting on whatever's trending in the Top 10 to increase their exposure even if they (1) are not sure why something is trending or (2) have nothing relevant to say about the trending topic. Unfortunately, events of tragedy (someone's death, a disaster, mass causality event or scandal) trend often on Twitter and making a promotional comment on such a tag may make you seem insensitive and/or out of touch. Don't be one of these people. 

Instead, you should be looking for Recurring Hashtags (Google it) and why they trend and try to throw your weigh into there. 

Here are some examples that I'm hiding in the Spoiler Thread -



  • #MondayMotivational
  • #TBT / #ThrowbackThursday
  • #TuesdayTreat
  • #TGIF
  • #Caturday 
  • #SundaySale 


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Oh, I know what hashtags are lol. (I should've mentioned, sorry. I've been on twitter, I've just never posted anything)

I was wondering if it was like tumblr, where ppl use tags like #vps, or smth to show their games to those looking for them, not exactly to try and push it to everyone on twitter. I was wondering if there were any of those.

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Ah, I never do anything like that, no. I usually just look at what's trending when I go to Twitter. 

The only browser game I remember trending in recently was Club Penguin which met its maker last year. 

And I only have a Twitter Account in the first place because I did #NeoCreationWeek. 

I almost never see games in general trending on Twitter, let alone browser games/sims. 

Edit: When it comes to looking for new games which I mainly do for the internal audit project I started and should probably finish now that a year has passed, I looked two places: 

1. Here

2. The list of Browser Games on Wikipedia 

I was able to find that there are a surprising number of active browser games just by doing that alone. First audit turned up about 50. If I dug a little deeper I think I can find over 100 active games. 

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More of an explaination
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