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Children and Adult Content (Needs Some Resources Please)

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Hey all.
I'm part of a game currently (NOT Lacuna) that has a community that regularly posts adult content, including sexting in the public chat.
The game is "18+" but allows minors as well, and does nothing to hide this content.

I'm pretty sure this is violating some laws in the US, but I can't seem to find any resources when I'm Googling. Am I wrong? Does anyone know where I can find some information to help prove a point that the game needs to work better at shielding minors from this content?

Thanks all!

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Whaoh! I hope that doesnt continue! One thing i do is check the code of conduct or rules on other games that generally try not to do that, they tend to have the same stuff, and should help give ya and idea of what shouldn’t be allowed.

But, as far as im concerned, any (legal) site that i can think of that is exposed to that has a required age you have to be to sign up, which it appears this site most likely doesnt. If they do have a regulated age like (16) or (18) before you can sign up, i would say no, its not necessarily illegal. But if they dont, then i would agree with you, i needs to stoop


I hope this helped! It may not necessarily be what your looking for but it makes for some nice advice :)

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Semi-related, but if they're not checking age they may not be COPPA compliant which can also put them into another round of legal trouble. 

COPPA requires sites that market to children (either primarily or as one of their general audiences) to check age and restrict certain types of content for users who claim to be under 13. COPPA is more directed towards protecting the privacy of children than protecting them from offensive content, however. 

Since laws on offensive online content can vary by country and in the United States by state, most sites that cater to the 18+ crowd outright ban minors from viewing or joining to cover their bases. 

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