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my art petgame style and personal (up for hire and/or commissioning)

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?Welcome all?


about me:

My name is Femke, I am an artist from Belgium.

Here I show you what I can do, from gems to animals to fantasy creatures to other goodies to backgrounds even icons and banners. 

From pixel art to detailed painting and lined work even some realism.


One day I plan on making a pet site for myself to, so I will be looking for coders as wel in the future.

So if anyone ever plans out a new site I am also always willing to help build it from 0


This will get updated with more work as time goes on.

my work:




no linework


no linework




simple style with lines


pixel work:






My price list and deals:


you can hire me to make items or creatures as a small project

for projects we will work around a price together

you can hire me full time as well 

prices per object:



helping out: I also help out, this is free but I do pick if I want to help and what I will and will not do. (mostly for new sites with a small team, does not happen often)



places where I work at/ help:

Atrocity owned by Ittermat


contact me at:

discord:  blackjashin#1345

instagram: @blackjashin

here: @blackjashin


some more work of mine


personal work:



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