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Celestial Equine Live on Indiegogo!


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Celestial Equine has huge news! We have launched our first Indiegogo campaign to help fund our database optimization/genetics overhaul, server upgrades, and other various developmental updates!

Why indiegogo?

Celestial Equine is currently in a live development mode with an amazing, active group of players. We are entering our final phase of development, which includes perfecting our current features, resolving lingering bugs, and most importantly improving our game's load times. In order to speed up Celestial Equine, we are needing a total overhaul of our genetics system. Due to the massive amount of genetics available for players, we have ran into glitches during breeding, breed registration, and an overall lag during browsing and other activities. Here is a breakdown of where the $1,500 will be spent:

  • Genetics Overhaul - $500.00

The genetics update will not only improve load times, but also result in a more interesting breeding experience! In addition to optimizing our database, we also have a new breeding algorithm to introduce! This new genetics feature will allow for carrier genes, incorporate genetics from the parent breeds, and add a rarity factor into the breeding script.

  • Server Upgrades - $500.00

We anticipate a sizeable influx of active players once our load times are resolved, so upgrading our servers is our second most important priority. We would like to raise 3 months worth of server fees + the fee our developer will charge to assist with the move. Our upgraded server will ensure Celestial Equine stays lighting fast!

  • Bug Fixes - $300.00

We have a handful of pesky bugs (errors) remaining that need to be resolved. These fixes will help improve the game experience and allow us to introduce new features!

  • Genetics Management System Upgrades - $200.00

The last bit of our raised funds will go towards upgrading our genetics management admin panel! These upgrades will include the following:

  • Adding a rarity aspect to each gene and integrating into the breeding script
  • Speed up gene uploading process
  • Ability to preview recently uploaded breeds to check for errors

All additional funds will go towards new features!


As previously mentioned, Celestial Equine is currently in LIVE beta mode, so you can check it out for yourself before deciding to back our project. Our goal is to move from live development by August for a grand opening!


Check out the project here to view tiers and gameplay previews!


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