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Seeking Background Artist- FOUND


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Looking for a background artist who can come close to the style below:





Backgrounds would need to be  800x 800px. Price ranges and examples are appreciated! Most of our backgrounds consist of forests/woodland, snowy mountains, and bamboo forests. Thanks!

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I might be interested! I have been doing a lot of digital painting lately.

Here are some examples:


As far as pricing goes, I haven't really got established prices yet. I can throw something at you and see if you like it. I'm assuming it would take me about 4 hours to do a full background like you have at the top, so about $90

And for a small segment like you have below, copying the style, I could do for about $30-40

Please let me know what you think! Thank you. :)

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@Lauren Thanks for the reply! So you're saying around about $90 for a background? Or did you mean $90 + a fee of $30-40 for copying the style? Sorry I'm confused, just want clarification!


Also seems fair to note that we do have some concepts sketched out and would just like them painted in the aforementioned style.

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Yes, I was saying about $90 for a background. Is that a reasonable price? I'm trying to figure out how to price things.

I was saying $30-40 for a small background sample like you have listed below the full background... but some of these are more simple and so I guess $20-40 is more accurate.


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