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Social Media/Community Manager


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I am on the hunt for a dedicated social media/community manager for Celestial Equine. This is a paid position split between USD and in-game perks with the intentions of full USD pay within 6 months.

Job Description

  • Knowledge of Instagram, Facebook, tumblr
  • Post weekly news updates on the main game which are then shared onto designated social media sites (this will be based off of our weekly discussions)
  • Host weekly giveaways on Facebook, Instagram and tumblr
  • Participate in weekly user engagement/retention meeting with admin (myself)
  • Manage Instagram ambassador program
  • Schedule 1-2 daily FB and instagram posts
  • Other tasks TBD

This position is vital for the growth of celestial equine, so it is important for candidates to have genuine interested in the game! If interested, please email at [email protected] or reach out via Discord.Mae #0107

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Removed a lot of posts and replies between @juliet and @Vix about topics unrelated to this thread.

This is a thread looking to fill a position, not a place to discuss social media etiquette. If @juliet would like to discuss the topic, she can create a general thread on the etiquette when using social media, and keep it general, not specific and constructive. Thanks.

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