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Colorist/Color Artist


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Hello! We are looking to hire a colorist for our in development game, Lurania Kingdom. Our Tumblr is pretty quiet right now until development progresses, but you can find it here: https://luraniakingdom.tumblr.com/

Your Role

We have a lot of art that needs colored. We have a sole pet sketch/concept artist who completes the lineart work for the purebreds and hybrids. Your role will be to take those linearts and shade them and complete any future markings. You must know how to color grayscale, but we have plenty of PSDs for you to reference to handle this. You will also be expected to color NPCs as well!

You will participate in two week long Sprints with the art team. They start on a Monday and wrap up next Friday. This is the day that payments are sent out for any work completed during that Sprint. Your other tasks will then be transferred to the next Sprint that starts the following Monday.


We expect bi-weekly communication on Slack. We have a Slack workspace that you will be invited to and a public channel where all artists can come together and chat. Things are a bit quiet right now since I am working two jobs at the moment. I have a full-time job, but with the new house we just bought, I picked up a side project to earn additional finances that will end in the next two weeks.

I will be available to you if you have any questions 8am - 9pm almost every day.


We pay $15 currently per colored PSD. Each pet comes with a baby and adult stage so the total wraps up to $30. Remember, you do not have to complete lineart as this will already be done for you. I developed our task management software so you will be sent an invite to that where you will be able to see all of your tasks in the current Sprint along with the other artists. Each task will have a price attached to it. You can move this task to different statuses to keep us informed on your progress. There is a commenting system and attachments feature where you can upload your PSD's and PNG's when the task is completed.


Shading style has been attached to this post. We look forward to your application.




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Heya! Just wanted to note ya that it'll likely be more effective to change the title of this to Colorist/Color Artist instead of Shading Artist! Since it seems by the title that youre looking for an artist to shade bases for you instead of coloring them ?

good luck on your search!

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