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ProjectPetsite.com hidden avatars and player shops


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I've been busy the last few days, but I think I can squeeze out a little time today to take a look around.

Let's see what's changed by looking at the News. 




All About Gyphus is a broken image in the news 

Do shops Auto-Refresh when they restock? If not, there's no way to refresh in a shop without using the browser. 
Edit: Caught a restock by refreshing so I'm guessing it doesn't Auto-Refresh. 


This link leads to the Book Shop. 


This link to the Kudos Store is broken.


Clicked on this thinking it was a link. Nope. 


Okay. Let's take a look around elsewhere. 



Adopt a Pet 

See the new Monster. No want. 

Wish there maybe was a little flavor to make the pets not seem as generic?

Both of my Puppen are Male so let's see if I can adopt a female ... yep. 

Not able to name a Pet at the Adopt Page? Hm. 

I was able to figure out where (click on the pet bar) and got a pretty ominous warning about renaming. 
Not sure what making a Pet Active or Inactive does. I made one Inactive after renaming them all just to see if it works. 


Out of habit I tried clicking the map when I saw it. Nope. 

I don't have enough cards to try to Card Trading Machine. Everything else seems to be fine. 

Aside - Curio is the daily I like doing the most. I like having a choice of items and the text/images feel the most complete. 



1. These links lead nowhere
2. Hm. 


Think this would be more helpful if we can confirm the pet we're giving the items to. Mistakes happen. 

Heal Wupper. Boost Pupper. Ect. 

Not sure how to move items out of my Backpack besides discarding them. 

NPC Shops

The actual restocking seems to be working, but this area seems to be a work in progress. 
Think Store Descriptions and more flavorful dialogue might help. I'm not even sure what Kudos are. 


I'm able to accept the Quests, but at this point I realize that I do not know how to search the User Shops for the items. 

Started all Quests just to see if I can. Yep. 

Started the Book Quest first. I bought 10 books during the restock because it wasn't clear whether I had to buy 10 books, 10 unique books, or 10 specific books (hint: it was this one). 


Free Alpha Gold 



Oh. Here's where I set up the shop. 

Created the Shop. Now have to ... figure out how to get the items into the shop. 
Eventually, I got here by clicking around. 


This Interface was extremely confusing, but I was able to eventually figure it out. 

Thought it was strange I had no confirmation that "instantly" sending items to the shop worked. 


Wish there was a confirmation on setting the price. It'd be unfortunate to mistype a price and have an item sniped. 
Seems this field only takes numbers. Numbers with commas and letters are not allowed. 


Here's what my finished shop looks like. I thought Shopkeeper 2 was going to be female. Nope.

When I tried to buy an item from my own shop I got This item is all sold out! instead of You cannot buy an item from yourself!

It did actually prevent me from buying the item, however. 

Figured out how to visit other users shops (Browse Stores). 

Now, let me go do some Questing ... 

... or not.

Even with this knowledge I could only complete the Food Quest by buying from a NPC Shop.

It gave my reward successfully. 


Good work. It seems like things are starting to come together. 

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