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Cybura - Adoption, Research App, New NPC & More!


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Hello again, citizens! We've got a lot of news for you, so I'll try to keep it as short and sweet (oh, and it is sweet) as possible.

--------------------Major Structural Changes--------------------

---There is now a limit of 100 companions per user. This space is shared among a user's citizens, so no matter how many citizens you have working for you, the number of possible companions is still 100.

When you reach the limit on companions, you will no longer be able to breed companions until you make some space. You also can't tame any new companions until you have open slots. This goes hand-in-hand with some new features discussed below.

You will, however, still be able to hatch existing eggs; nothing bad will happen to your little egglets!


---The Bad Word Filter is now operational! You can access this tool through the PC settings on your User Panel. This allows you to block/replace any instances of words you'd rather not interact with.


---Restructuring Alpha & Beta is something we're heavily considering. We've been working on what to do to allow more players to participate while maintaining the value of Alpha & Beta access for players who were able to purchase them. If you are an Alpha or Beta user, you will soon be receiving an email with a poll to assess your opinions on this matter. If you no longer have access to the email you used for signup, let an official know, and we'll get you access.

--------------------New Features & Feature Updates--------------------

---Due to an increase in the number of citizens maintaining large numbers of companions, we are pleased to announce that the Anti-Combat Zone now hosts an Adoption Agency!


In addition to managing the taming shop, Amaya, the thoughtful NPC who runs the agency, will help you place a companion up for adoption, help you find an available companion to adopt, and even facilitate the sale and purchase of companions...though Amaya's not too keen on that last part. Use the agency responsibly, and treat your companions with compassion!


For the less sentimental or more expedient, companions may also be released back into the wild. They will remain in the wild population until caught by another citizen or cycled out of the site population. The release option can be found on each companion's individual profile page. Please take care when releasing, as you may not run into your companion again!


---Companions may now also be swapped and auctioned! These features behave exactly like item swaps and auctions, and are accessed exactly the same way. Just choose the "Companion" option instead of "Item!"


With the ability to trade companions, release them, and place them for adoption, it should be simpler to keep new companions cycling through your stables.


---You may have noticed another new option on your user panel-- the Research App! This creature index will help you keep track of the types and stages of companions you encounter. It will record data on companions you meet in the wild, even if you flee, but you must enter the encounter space!



---Now that Prof. Osmond isn't handling the Taming Shop, he's back in his lab full-time! Bringing by companions of different species and life stages will unlock new forum avatars for you to use.

For example, bringing by an adult Saber will unlock the adult Saber avatar in your PC Settings.

Be sure to bring babies, adults, elders, evolutions, and elites for our favorite scientist to examine, and he'll reward you for your contributions to his research!


---In addition to the above changes, we've got more for you to look forward to! Beginning in February, there will be companions available in the wild that have been designed by Cybura officials. There will only be a handful of them, blending in amongst wild populations, so be on the lookout. We hope you like them!


--- Token shop Monthly Spotlight. Each month a new outfit set will arrive at the Token Shop! February's outfits are sharp, and come in nice bright colors to kick off the new year the right way. The items will be available only until the end of the month and then the next outfit will roll out, try them on, and be sure to grab them while they're in stock!


--------------------Minor Updates--------------------

---To the best of our knowledge, Halloween rewards have gone out to those waiting for them. Please let officials know if this is not the case!



---New OCs have entered the world of Cybura, be sure to grab yourself a Custom Outfit Voucher at the Token Shop to bring in your very own!

(Click to see larger images)

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