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animation... help!


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so i have a plant i want to animate and i am doing it on https://www.ezimba.com/index-ln.html#home. it works but i have save it to all the different ones, psd, sai,png ,jpg. they will not open on my SAI program. i want to learn to animate items. think it would be fun. :D

plant image, she blinks,smiles, and moves its leaf on the pot. 


is there another program i can use that is sorta cheaper? i have krita just do not know how to animate on it...


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When I learned to animate banners I used GIMP. It's essentially a free photoshop. Each frame is a different layer, and you click filter-animation-playback to show the gif preview. When you save it you can export as .gif.


Edit: Totally forgot, if you want to animate on a transparent background you want to use this name system and delete the background layer: Frame # (XXXms) (replace) where XXX is the delay on the frame which affects speed of the animation (optional, when exporting you can select "as animation" which will allow you to change the speed of all layers where this is unspecified) and replace will tell the animation to get hide the previous frame when it transitions. Otherwise you will see each previous frame underneath the current frame. This isn't an issue if you have a background in each frame though.

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