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Call for BETA Testers


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In just a few weeks, a project much like squiby.net once was will be launching a closed beta. We are looking for interested testers to help us find bugs in the system but also to give us feedback about UI, features, community policies and the like. Anyone who is interested in joining the beta or just wants updates on the project going forward can get involved here: https://mailchi.mp/753694387517/join-the-beta

We are fully expecting the BETA to launch before March, and also want to provide BETA testers with some extra perks when we are fully launched but we're hoping they will help us figure out what they want. :) 

Thanks for reading!

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I have a quick update for everyone!

We are still on track for launching the BETA soon, we're just doing some final testing of a bug reporting feature we built for BETA testers, tweaking some economy changes and testing an overhaul to the creation UI. I'm really excited about these things though, so I'm sharing some info and screen shots for everyone :) 


Bug Reporting!

We built a Bug Report tab available on every page of the site to make it super easy to report issues found. It sends a report directly to all the devs so we can review and fix any issues. This will be available during the entire beta period, and we may keep the feature around even after launch if it seems to be working well. 



Economy Tweaks!

Part of the inception of this project was a sort of self-rewarding points system. During beta and at launch there will be a currency, points which can be earned through various activities on the site such as interacting in the forums and having your creations adopted. The points are then used to add additional features to creations such as additional stages. We have a TON of ideas and potentials for this system, although for launch we are trying to keep things to a minimum so we can make sure we're not the only ones who like these ideas!


Overhauled UI for Creating Adoptables!

As far as forms go, creating an adoptable isn't the simplest. But we've nixed the multi-page creation idea in favor of tabs that can be filled out in any order at any time. We've included drag-n-drop to reorder stages and the number of stages is only limited by how many points you have. When you're done and happy with what you've created, you can publish your creation so it can be adopted! Again, we're keeping things simple for launch but have a list of ideas we'd like to implement in this area as well!



Thoughts, ideas and questions are always appreciated! Thanks for reading :) 

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