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Etera: Teaser Images and Concept Art


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Hello everyone! This is my first post for this project. I have been lurking in the shadows for many many years and it seems I am able to finally get my project underway! It will currently be under the code name Etera, and may change in the future.

For now, here is a small sneak peak of the layout (without anything fancy on it), the adopt a pet page with placeholders, and some concept art.

I look forward to obtaining feedback and seeing the interest grow as my project expands.



- Serys


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5 hours ago, Digital said:

I look forward to seeing what happens with this one, the art looks amazing even if it is still conceptual!

My art style was always a bit different from the normal pet site style, so I am very glad you like it!
Is it the softer style you like? The more finished art will look like the pet placeholders I have in the screenshot with the lining/shading.

1 hour ago, StoryMaker said:

A nice clean layout and promising concept art - this looks like it has a lot of potential!

Thank you! I hope to have the navigation sleek and easy to use. I have noticed a lot of current pet sites there are links scattered everywhere making finding things, at least to new users, rather frustrating. I hope to keep everything more condensed and easier to locate. I am actually still tweaking it too, so this is actually not the final final look, but it will be very similar.

I may ask for feedback on preferred layout set up as well in the near future.

I also hope to have a Twitter set up soon for the project as well.

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