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[Player Found] Data Breach on Verpets


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A recent data breach has been exposed which is being labeled as "Collection #1" and holds 772,904,991 unique emails with 21,222,975 unique passwords. I was browsing the possible sites that had been leaked within this collection and near the lower portion of the list was Verpets.



I highly recommend anyone that has an account on Verpets on or prior to March 25th, 2018 to change their email, password, and any password/email combo related to your Verpets login information right away.

If you would like to see if your information was compromised elsewhere; https://haveibeenpwned.com

For more information on this breach and how attackers can utilize your information as well as tips on how to protect your information: The 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach

Edit: Martyn advised me to post this here.

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