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Hiya ya'll!

I'm June. Though mostly known as Herbal or various variants such as iHerbal, LadyHerbal etc. Depending on availability upon sign up! 

I'm a game owner, my site Lucky Lapine turns 8 this July and while it's currently in revamp mode where we are redoing a lot of behind the scene stuff, it's alive and thriving.
It's a rabbit breeding game, with guinea pigs as well in it, and soon rats. I can't wait to add the rats, they are goorgeous if I can say so myself ;D.

Beside running LL, I work full time as a childrens/ young adult librarian, I also dabble as our youth alibi, computer wiz, tech support for our library system, and handyman of our 3D printer.
I also volunteer as webmaster for a local festival's website. I don't do coding myself, but I kind of want to learn, and I know basic css. If I had more energy I'd learn grapic designing and how to make my own layouts properly. I don't code myself, but I've got a loyal coder who is my righthand wingman and a  loyal artist who is my lefthand wingman. 

I kind of suck at these types of intro posts, but I really want a signature so I figured this was the way to go! LOL.


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Hey @Herbal Welcome to the Gaming List. I am a game owner as well (Eliyo and Animal Acres). I have been working on a lot of revamps for Animal Acres, so I understand how that is, and Eliyo hasn't made it out of beta yet. 

I am a professional web developer by trade. Currently I am focused on my games, along with doing some freelancing on the side, though am going to be running a kickstarter at the end of the month so am really busy with non freelance work right now anyway. But before that I was working for the same company for almost 2 years, and another one before that. So lots of web industry experience. 

Sounds like you have a variety of interests then. It does help keep the games going when you can wear multiple hats for sure. I do as well and if I had more time would work on my art skills more. Currently I can do recolors and minor edits. But I used to really like drawing backgrounds and things, and wish I had more time to develop that skill set. 

I think your intro was fine. But I can completely understand wanting a signature. :)

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