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Eliyo - Launching Kickstarter Soon! Human Avatar Bases!


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Eliyo is launching a Kickstarter! The date is not yet official but could be as early as the end of this month!

Eliyo is not yet the world it is meant to be, Kickstarter will help get it there. You will be able to really explore Lavinth with it's multiple districts. There will be many more npcs to interact with in various ways. Talk with them, get quests if they like you, and even battle them!


Human avatars are one piece that this kickstarter will cover allowing you to visually represent yourself as an adventurer. Above you can see the two bases with a variety of faces, hair, and skin colors. Cloaks and staves are also commonly used by Adventurer's in Eliyo, so those can be seen as well. 

More information is to come with visuals. But for now here is a concept sketch for Lavinth.


Stay tuned as we plan to release more information over the next couple weeks including some previews of the town, a new elon, and new shops!

Join our discord for even more sneak peaks!


Thanks to @TeaTimeJess for the avatars and @Pepper-Head for the Lavinth map.

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@Sortie Glad you are enjoying the art and we have caught your interest! Guess this might not have been clear enough from the post, but Eliyo is publicly available for Beta right now. :) So feel free to join and play right now! http://www.eliyo.net 

Of course the Kickstarter features aren't finished yet, but we have quite a bit to offer already.

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What! yes, I did miss that. I guess I'll have to join and explore!

Thanks for clearing that up. ?❤️ 


Edit: Hmm.. apparently I'm "too young" - hahaha! That's funny. I must have entered my birthdate incorrectly and it locked me out:

"Sorry, we are unable to process younger applicants at this time. A parent or guardian can make an account on your behalf as long as they take care to monitor the account for safety and only use their own identifying information such as email."

Edit 2: Attempted with another browser and was successful. All good now!

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@Sortie Yeah we have to block out younger kids as we aren't allowed to take identifying information about them due to COPPA laws. And you aren't supposed to be able to just go back and resubmit. We just store a cookie so clearing them for our site should do the trick. 

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