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Huge Art Package For Sale (items and pets)


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Hello TGL!

I am selling a VERY large art package from a game I do not intend on completing at this point. This art is amazing, and high quality! I am sad to not see this project through, but am hoping it wll be useful to someone else developing a game! The package includes the following:

  • 7 horse body types
  • 102 items with PSD


The bases include Andalusion, Arabian, Cob, Draft, Teke, Warmblood, Foal, Friesian, and Light Arabian. Each of these bases have interchangeable parts meant for an image layering system. The original files are sized at 1100x1000px. Each base has the following:

  • 8 horn types
  • 9 mane types + over 30 recolors (realistic and unnatural colorings)
  • 12 tail types + over 30 recolors (realistic and unnatural colorings)
  • 6 wing types
  • 5 unnatural markings (giraffe, zebra, cheetah, and other big cat inspired markings)
  • 12 natural markings (roaning, appaloosa, sabino, etc)
  • Long and short leg feathering
  • 6 natural face markings (blaze, star, snip, etc)
  • 4 leg markings (socks, stockings, etc)
  • Over 30 body colors
  • Hooves + over 30 recolors

I would prefer to sell the horse bases and items together but am open to breaking them up. I am happy to give previews of the PSDS to serious buyers. Please PM with reasonable offers! NOTE: I would entertain programming trades as payment.







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