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Things You're Happy With


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I'm wondering, what are some things you all have added to your games that you are, to this day, really happy with? Things that turned out well?
Did you expect them to turn out well, or were you less sure at one point? Did you know that the addition would be successful? How was it successful. 

Here's some of mine, and as examples:
1. The ability to post as an admin account without having to log into it. Clicking a checkbox is much easier than switching to a staff account.
2. Month-long holiday activities. Less strain on the server than an event that's a few days long, and players seem to love it. I was really unsure of this because a month seems like a long time, but heck, it works.
3. Using Imagick/GD library for dynamic animal images. It's so fun to see what the program creates! 

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Let's see, its been busy:

  1. Purchasing and taking lead of Novilar.
  2. Redesign of Novilar.
  3. Re-vamping exploration on Novilar.
  4. Lots a new game systems in place.

I am happy with all of these, but there is a lot more to go. I sometimes feel as if when you get to one place where you feel happy, there are ten more items on your list to check off.

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