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Cybura - Nest Locations & All Hallows Contest Winners!


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Hello, citizens! Plenty of news to go around today.

Firstly, the companions participating in the All Hallows' Design Contest have finished parading through the Officials' Headquarters! In the midst of cleaning up the fur and footprints, staff were able to get a good look at each of the models.

An odd man with even odder eyebrows deposited these companions at our doorstep, quickly rattling off information about the citizens responsible for their creation. When one of our clerks attempted to contact the man for more details, they discovered that both the man and his mysterious lab seemed to have vanished...

While we are baffled as to circumstances of this invasion, we're happy to present the winners of our All Hallows' Design Contest!

In the Spooky Scary Companion category:


In 1st place is Lunar_Redux, with The Warden!
The runner-up is TheIronPoet, with Beast Bound by Twilight!


As for the Most Enticing of Candy Wrappers:


In 1st place is Garlic, with Candy Corn!
The runner-up is Munchkins, with Sweettarts!


And in the Animal Disguises category:


1st place is TheIronPoet, with the Luna Moth!
The runner-up is Garlic, with the Orca!


As a reminder, the first-place winner from each category will receive the companion they designed, and second-place winners in each category will receive a Halloween grab bag!

If you are a first-place winner, be sure to send the details of your design to Spitfyre soon so we can get your companion made!


Secondly, we're excited to announce that we've finished clearing out and warding off the nearby meadow. Through a truly inspiring collaboration of citizens from both realms, the meadow has become a safe place for nurturing new companions. That's right...nests and incubation are now available!




This means that all the grass, twigs, and straw you've been collecting can be put to practical use!


You can now add them as resources, and they'll become available for nest building and maintenance when you visit your nest location. So, don't stop collecting them! You'll need to keep your nests in good condition, to make sure your egg is getting what it needs from its environment-- the worse the condition of the nest, the longer it takes the egg to hatch!

In the future, we hope to be able to clear other locales for nesting zones, but the meadows will serve for now! Be sure to review the pamphlet on egg and nest care before proceeding, provided below for convenience:

What to Expect When You're Eggspecting

--If You Build It...
----One nest requires 20 grass, 5 straw, and 10 twigs.
----Twigs may be found in the field, but grass and straw must be cultivated.

--Neatness Counts!
----Eggs in nests in the best possible condition mature at a rate of one stage every 24 hours.
----Eggs in nests in good condition mature at a rate of one stage every 36 hours.
----Eggs in nests in bad condition mature at a rate of one stage every 48 hours.

--Species Matters!
----Sharks must be surrounded by water on all sides in order to mature.
----Ice Dragons must be kept on ice in order to mature.
----Kitsunes take a bit longer to mature than others.

--Show Some Love!
----When an egg is ready to hatch, be sure to keep it close to you! Mature eggs (full/green progress bar) must be part of your team, exploring the site with you for a time before finally hatching.

--Best-Case Scenarios
----Sabers in regular nests in the best condition are ready to hatch in 5 days.
----Kitsunes in regular nests in the best condition are ready to hatch in 7 days.
----Sharks in nests in the best condition, surrounded by water, are ready to hatch in 5 days.
----Ice Dragons in nests in the best condition, cooled down with a healthy application of refrigerant (available in the token shop) are ready to hatch in 5 days.

And be sure to say hello to Pumpkin, the first baby hatched in the new nursery!


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