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Best Halloween Pet Designs


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With Halloween right around the corner, I love the pet games that go all out for the season! Some of the best pet designs can be the spooky ones, so share some of your favorites from games you play or from your own game! ?

I'm the most active on Marapets right now, and these are some of my favs... And of course I have to give a shoutout to Neopets for nostalgia
Doyle werewolfKaala_mutantIke_nightmare       

Image result for neopets halloween lupeImage result for neopets mutant ixi


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rescreatu has an undead effect for halloween, and its gorgeous! even though a bit gruesome, some of the pets with the effect are my top fave arts on the site!

blonde adult  ->  http://images.rescreatu.com/pets/15/blonde/effect-undead.png
adult.png   ->  http://images.rescreatu.com/pets/3/effect-undead.png
black adult   -> http://images.rescreatu.com/pets/34//black/effect-undead.png


and of course the two halloween-specific species. B) 



just.. the artists, man. 10/10 spoopy

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