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Explore system!


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Throughout its development, Wild Souls has gone through a lot of explore system ideas that were scrapped. The biggest one being the Twine 2 explore system. However, with some help, the final version of the explore system is now functional! If you're in the official discord, you've probably seen this image a lot now:

If you choose to attack him, the outcome is based on your strength. If you're strong enough you go to the battle screen, and if you're not you get..well...wrecked. You lose 30 HP, which is a pretty big chunk. When injuries are added, you could also get injured from this.

If you manage to fight and kill a smilodon, that is 1 less in the territory. The higher the amount of smilodons, the more at-risk the pack is at smilodon attacks (and the more at-risk pups are if they wander off, and that's not good). It is possible to completely rid a territory of smilodons, so there is incentive for getting rid of them, but they slowly begin to show up again after a while.


This is a passive encounter. Sometimes you get items, other times you don't get anything.


This is a prey encounter, and you have the chance to catch it for some food. If caught, it goes to your stash. If you have no room in your stash, it goes to the pack stockpile.

Currently the only explore biome I'm working on is the taiga. Each biome will have 3 explore areas to start out with (and room for me to add more in the future). I still need to make art and add encounters for the plains, forest, and moorlands.

I hope you all enjoyed this update! Don't forget to check in on the Trello Board every now and then for progress. Also check out our Discord! I post frequent dev updates there, so you'll know things before an official news post is dropped!

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