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What is MelonJS and How To Build Games in Melonjs


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Hai guys, thanks you for accepting 

What is melonJS ? 

melonJS is an open source HTML5 game engine that empowers developers and designers to focus on content. The framework provides a collection of composable entities and support for a number of third-party tools. Giving you a powerful combination that can be used wholesale or piecemeal.

How To Build Games in Melonjs

Just in case you missed our previous post about what is melonJS, you can go here.
Now you already know about what melonJS is, and probably are excited and want to start making your game right away, here are some tips that might help you out :

1- Go to melonJS Wiki
This is melonJS centralized knowledge base. You will find lots of information here, from Documentation, FAQ, Tutorials, and more. We strongly suggest that you read FAQ section and play some of games created by melonJS in section.
2- Complete Platformer Tutorial
3- Complete Space Invaders Tutorial

More about melonJS : http://melonjs.org

Official website : http://melongaming.com/

After tutorials completion, you're ready. It's time to write your game concept and get crazy with your wild ideas. And let us know once you're game is online, we would like to play it :)


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