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Cybura - It's Mating Season! ... Well, not Really...


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Greetings Cyburians! Are you ready for some companion mating? Yes, the time has come! We are knocking out things on the to-do list left and right, and it feels good!

Soooo.... You may now mate your adult and elder companions! Just visit your companions page and click on the heart icon for the two companions you would like to breed! And before you ask, yes, the mating feature includes the possibility of mating one of your companions with one of another players, just click on the heart icon located on their companions page, select your companion and send the request for their approval! A Nature's Star item is required for mating, but more on that later.


(Click to see larger image)


(Click to see larger image)

Listed below is some useful information regarding mating:

1. Breeding produces 1-3 eggs, 0-1 per day, the first day's egg is guaranteed.
2. Adult Males and Females, and Elder Males can breed. Elites, Baby and Elder Females cannot.
3. Adult Males can mate with up to 4 females at a time. Adult Females and Elder Males are limited to one mate at a time.
4. There is a 4-day cool-down for female companions.
5. Yes, twins are possible. Aka double-yolk in one egg.


Now, in regards to the Nature's Star item, there are a few ways it can be obtained. The first way is that a wild companion could be holding it, which you will receive upon taming them. The next way will be from completing mating-related missions in the (near) future. And lastly, you may purchase a pack of x50 from the Token Shop and help fund Cybura's development (It's greatly appreciated!).


And last but not least, we have a few minor things that were updated:

1. Players shops can now be accessed from the player's profile.
2. The "View All" link on player profiles now works and shows all their companions.
3. Companion id # now shows next to name.
4. Companion's sex now shows when naming and their name defaults to their species.

And that's pretty much it for this update! The next major thing we will be working on is Nest Locations, which is the process of like incubating/caring for your eggs to get them to their hatch-able state. But before that we will be doing some other updates like Swaps, Auction House, Companion Ageing, Showroom and a few other things as well. We hope you are enjoying things so far!

Thank you for playing Cybura and for your support! Until next time!

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