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Egg Adopt (playing around with new game)


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After working on my first game for 5 years (Leporidae), I wanted to try my hand at another game. This site is eggadopt.com and will focus on eggs and the creatures that hatch from them. I was inspired by the adoptables community, such as on deviantart, and people who collect images of their adoptables on their profiles. I envision them showing off the adoptables from eggadopt.com and actually having the eggs hatch and grow as they're being viewed and shared offsite. 

Here's the features it has done so far:
- Eggs hatch and creatures level up with page views, even off site. You can post the image on a deviantart or other profile and they will level up as other people view your page.
- You can see the name your gave your creature in the image. You can change their name any time, though I'm going to probably remove that for the Egg phase. 
- Thousands of variation in color and patterns are possible. You can tell what species an egg will hatch into, but color is a surprise. 
- Breeding system that allows offspring to inherit the colors and patterns of their parents.
- Adoption center where you can drop off a creature or adopt one that someone else dropped off.
- Basic features like registration, login, email/password changes, forums, private messages, site news, notification system, etc.

- Improvements to the site layout, the sidebar is a mess right now. Also different layouts to choose from. The black one shown below is not going to be the final or default one.
- More creature species, right now I'm just testing it with this wolf. Also more patterns for colors! 
- Battle system? (not sure how this will work yet).

Looking for feedback! 
Any feedback, ideas, or criticisms are appreciated! I'm pretty unsure about some of this, not sure if it will launch, but it's shaping up so far and I look forward to getting more work done on it.

Here's some previews of the wolf creature and the site so far:












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Love the wolf! Very cute. I am not really big into adoptable type games, I just don't enjoy whether I can 'advance' in a game being dependent on others or waiting but more like to play a lot at once time take a break etc... But a lot of people do, and with creatures like that one I could see if being pretty popular. Will definitely check it out and interested in trying out the breeding feature anyway as I do love breeding and seeing new combinations.

Good luck!

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Thank you everyone for the feedback. I'm still on the fence on the moment about whether this will be anything, considering some issues I've had in the past with space and site design. But it is fun to play around with and see what's possible.

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