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Wolf creator demo + smaller news


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First things first, the wolf creator demo is here! Some of the markings don't cover the body like they should, which is my bad. It'll get fixed eventually, but unfortunately I saved every image before I realized the issue so I have to spend time fixing it manually and that'll take a while.
Eventually I'll the markings will have all the same colors of the bases (excluding special ones like ember and spiritus), rather than just white, black, red, and blue.

Now for the smaller news. Wolves will now like different items to add some more personality to them. So it isn't too much of a guessing game when it comes to gift giving, wolves with the same personality will generally like the same things. There are also rare items that everyone likes, so those are always good to find if you want to really impress them.

Next, I started the artwork for the items and added your status bars to the top of the site:

It hasn't been implemented yet, but space in your stash is limited and each type of item takes up a certain amount of space. When hunting small prey you have the choice of either adding it to the pack stockpile (where it can feed everyone) or tucking it away in your stash (a.k.a your inventory) if you have space.
Larger prey, like deer and whatnot, take up tons of space so you naturally won't be able to stash away a lot of them. Maybe one if you have other items, or two if your stash is empty. Your stash can only be expanded once, so sadly you will not be able to hoard every item you find


Finally, I made more progress with exploring:


Exploring will drain your energy by 5 for every time you move, and it is the main way you find items. Prey can also be found in explore, but the mechanics for hunting have yet to be finished, so the "chase!" button does nothing yet.


That's it for this update. I hope this gets you all excited for the game!


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The updates look good! Seems like things are really coming along for you. It was fun playing around with the wolf demo. 

I noticed a minor issue when playing around, the red base color changes to white when you select it instead of the tree background there originally. 

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And I just noticed that bug too; it seems like it slipped through the cracks since a lot of the other options were giving me the same thing while making it (which involved me having to hard refresh sooo many times). I'll get around to fixing it.

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