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Short/Long term Programmer


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Hey guys,

I'm the head artist of a newly developing Deer-based SIM, which has fantasy-related elements to it as well.

We're in need of a number of coded things such as registration, breeding/genetics system, currency system, etc
For a short term.. honestly, I think if someone had basic codes that we might even be able to buy (starter package? Do people still do those?).. that'd be pretty big for us.

For a long term, it would be unpaid (it kills me to say this) until we really have ground work under us (such as crowdfunding or a patreon, site splash set up, etc). Although, back pay for the work done will be paid when cash is available. The pay is something to talk about, whether you'd want cash money, site currency or art for your time. I'm not the creator of this site, but I'm willing to offer my artwork as payment for code.

If you're interested, but not into not getting paid right off the bat for custom coding.. please, still reach out. If we have an idea of what sort of money is needed to purchase your time/programming, we'll likely be able to have a better idea of how to make it happen.

We primarily use Discord for contact, if you'd like to talk on there my handle is Sunny#2841
Otherwise, please PM/reply here to me.


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