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Avatar, Item and NPC for sale.

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As previously mentioned on the discord. Over a year ago (now two years), I was commissioned to complete some art. The client was a member of VPL, although not as active as others. However, communication ended and payment was not completed for the commission. They do have me on skype, and I did try to communicate for about 6 months with no response. There was also no contract, and I feel two years is beyond my artistic courtesy. The files have been sitting on my hard-drive for a while now, and I'd really like them to find a home. 

All Prices are in GBP. Please convert to your own currency.

I'm willing to sell them as-is. Or complete the items for the full price. The assets in question are: 

Avatar Set - Unavailable



This includes a unisex base with 3 masculine haircuts, 3 feminine haircuts, 6 eye styles, 6 nose styles, 6 eyebrow styles, 6 mouth expressions, 3 tops, 3 bottoms and 1 full length dress. The set is designed to be on a layered system with any combination. The file size is 600 x 1200 pixels.

Selling Price as is: £85 lined, or get the unlined files for £67.50

Selling Price completed (cell-shaded): £135 

(Price breakdown based on 24 expression elements with compatible shading at £1.5 each, painted clothes at £5 each, painted hairstyles at £4 each + base). 

Selling Price Completed in your style, or semi-realism. Please message me for a quote.


Demonstration video: Password is 'casey'. 




Librarian Anthro NPC 

Image size is 1000x1000 Pixels.

Selling Price as is: £20

Selling Price completed (cell-shaded): £35 (lower than my current rate)

Selling Price Completed in your style, or semi-realism. Please message me for a quote.


Medieval items

Image size is 200 x 200 pixels, can be sold separately, but would prefer to go all together.

Selling Price as is: £1.40 each

Selling Price completed (cell-shaded): £3 each

Selling Price Completed in your style, or semi-realism. Please message me for a quote.

Amulet, Sword, Book and Shield no longer available. 



I'm willing to haggle, but please be reasonable! I am unlikely to accept low offers as I'm tempted to use these myself for a future project.


Please make offers via comments, PM or e-mail at sales AT artofelm.com

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Price changes and demonstration video
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Edited to include a demonstration video and price change, as the Avatar set is already Lined, although I still have an unlined copy of the file. There are also 6 eyebrow styles, not included in the sketch preview.

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