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Found 4 results

  1. I am the owner of virtual pet site, Solpets.com. Currently I am the only programmer for the site and would like a little help with getting some new games coded. I would like to have someone experienced in javascript. I now very little javascript. It is helpful you know php, but right now is not required. This is a volunteer position. Which to Solpets means you will not be paid in real money, but with our site currency. Our site currency is sPoints and sCoins. sCoins is how you will be paid - you get paid monthly. If interested please contact me here or even on Solpets is fine. Feel free to also email me: cutielou22@solpets.com
  2. I'm looking for a programmer to get my site up and running, once you agree I will show you all the plans and did I meantion this is a paid gig I was wondering if you would be interested in opening a petsite with me and some of the best artist in the business You would be a partner in this project and I really looking forward to working with you. This is a paid position Chaz santaria@live.com 573-703-3950
  3. Hey guys! I dabble in coding every now and then, never for any sort of profit or commissions...mainly for personal use. The HTML/CSS stuff I've learned has mostly been from messing around with DeviantArt journal skins and I'm fairly good at problem solving with it now. I am starting an ARPG Species on DeviantArt and I'm attempting to do all of the work 100% myself (because I like a good challenge). Are there any coders out there that might be willing to take on a young grasshopper and help me code my own breeding roller? I understand Java enough to be able to read it. I just don't know where exactly to start. Even if I could just have someone help me with the first portion that controls the base coats in the genetics, I SHOULD be able to do the rest with very minimal questions. Alternatively, if someone is bored and just wants to code the whole thing and teach me how to do it as you go, that's fine as well. Basics of what I need: The breeding roller will be a tool for admins of the ARPG to roll the resulting litter of a breeding request from a player. Players will send in a comment with links to the two parents. I will need something that I can enter the genotype and a few other options into (such as if they have a breeding item that changes the chances for something). This breeding roller will need to randomly generate a number of pups between 1 and 8. It will then need to randomly generate genders for the resulting pups. It will then need to give genos for each pup based off of the genos from the parents, as well as a few random mutations and defects that have small chances of popping up in any breeding. I FEEL like this would essentially be a fairly simple project if someone were a master in Java, but I am nowhere near a master and don't even know where to start. It's like I can read the language, but I can't speak it. Lol.
  4. Hello, I am a current student studying computer programming and looking to go into video game design and programming. I have about eight years of experience working on a number of programming languages and was recently pointed toward this site as a place to market myself. Experience I am proficient in C, C++, C# and Lua having used those languages as my go to for any schooling and projects I have worked on. Programming logic and code flow are things I work very hard on and have a lot of experience working with and tinkering around with to the most perfect as I can get them. I am also familiar with Java and Python, though any project requiring those might be a little slower to work on as I would have to pick up the language a little bit as I go along, though it wouldn't be a problem. I am also more than happy to learn new languages for whatever project you work on. It tends to take me about 3-5 days of solid study to get comfortable with a new language's syntax and idiosyncrasies. Payment I would like to negotiate payment with each client based on their needs, length of project and all those other fun factors. If anyone is interested in a well rounded game designer I am also fairly well practiced at that, be it level design, combat balancing, economy testing or what have you. Though I don't do any of my own art, sadly that is not a skill I possess. My availability will be based around my school schedule, that said most of my work will probably get done on weekends and late evenings during the week. I can be contacted most easily at RhenNiles@yahoo.com Thanks!
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