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  1. Cassandra1891 Commissions [Open]

    Bumping this back up. still offering commissions!!
  2. Cassandra1891 Commissions [Open]

    Still offering these, i now have items available as well
  3. Some Critters for Sale

    just bumping these guys up again
  4. I've decided to open up a few commissions Im offering Full body fully shaded quad pieces (overlays/pet images) done on about a 500X500 canvas (size can be larger if desired) payment will be through PayPal only. payment will be due once the art is finished Pricing starts at $25 more complicated pieces may cost more but i will inform you before i start Examples: I am now offering Item art as well! most items are is drawn on an 200x200 canvas pricing starts at $3-5 (with up to 5 free recolors) Examples: More examples can be found on my DA and my Tumblr
  5. Some Critters for Sale

    another bump for these guys
  6. Some Critters for Sale

    bumping up again!
  7. Some Critters for Sale

    Lowered the price of them!
  8. Some Critters for Sale

    another critter added!
  9. Some Critters for Sale

    Added an owl!
  10. Some Critters for Sale

    just giving this a bump up. i am willing to negotiate as well
  11. Some Critters for Sale

    Giving this a bump and to say that i updated it with another critter
  12. i have a couple of pets for sale. they come with a layered PSD the working size for each is 500x 500 the price is $10 each Paypal only thank you! With Color
  13. Old Member Introductions

    Im making my way around the forums okay, i just have one question though, do you need like an artist tag to be able to sell assets on here or is that really just for convenience for other members?
  14. Old Member Introductions

    Hello! and thank you!

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