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  1. 14 of those premium accounts are just staff members, they were given to us for free when we joined staff. so yeah we have 2 members on site that actually paid for their membership. and again, im not the site owner, Mandy pays for everything the site needs to stay running, the only thing i do is give art because i enjoy it and i see potential in the site. she gives us pretty much free range to create whatever we want so i don't see a downside to it.
  2. im not the owner, just one of the artist. the site doesn't make much money from the credit shop yet, (we are lucky if we get one premium membership a month which is only $5) it a very small site, its more of a passion project i believe for Mandy, the hope is to get the site to the point were it can pay the artist and allow us to get more features for the site.
  3. I have a couple animal bases for sale! They come with a layered PSD so they can easily be edited The working size is 500x500 asking $25 each Paypal Only I have a Humming bird, bear and racoon available. More may be added later. thanks for looking!
  4. Hello Hello! Solpets is currently looking for item and wearable artist! i've edited the above post to include our wearable style that we are looking for. if interested please feel free to contact us! you can message us on discord too!
  5. just a bump to let you know we are still looking!
  6. We are still looking! we can also use some one to do human avatar clothing too!
  7. We are still looking for artist so feel free to message!
  8. refreshing this to the top. We are now looking for item, npc, and pet artist! i updated the post with some pet examples You can contact me on discord as well!
  9. Bring this to the top again, and just a reminder im just looking for freelance work, im not interested in a permanent position thank you! also i have a couple of premade pieces here
  10. Hello Hello! Im currently the head artist at Solpets, and right now we are looking to add a few new members to the team. here are a few of examples for the style we are looking for: Items Wearables It is a Volunteer position but, you will be compensated in site currency. if you think you might be interest, you can message me here or on site (username: Loki) or message @Mandy here or on site (Username:Cutielou22) Thanks!
  11. im selling a dinosaur pet and a small sushi pack! The working size is 500x500 It comes with its layered PSD Asking-$25 The small sushi pack comes with Chopsticks, a Sushi roll, and some soy sauce (the bowl with the soy sauce bottle is on another layer so you can reuse it for other items too). The working size of all the items is 200X200 you get a layered PSD of them all so you can easily change things around to match your style or recolor for more items Asking- $12 Paypal Only Thank you!
  12. Still offering these, i now have items available as well
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