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  1. I have had an account there for years! I pop in on occasion to make sure it's still there lol. I'm Chazerz on there.
  2. I know I'm not active but I appreciate the effort you are putting into the site @Boltgreywing
  3. Wow this is pretty adorable and awesome, can't wait to play.
  4. Wow that's adorable. I grabbed one right away. I wanna hug hims.
  5. I am liking this sites events kinda. I am still too new to know much though. I also love the lion skin but don't have a lion yet
  6. Congrats! I can't seem to think of enough stuff to say to do that lol.
  7. I noticed that the VPL was... gone? And... I have no idea where I saqw the discussion that led me here but I'm certain it was one of you guys lol
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