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  1. @Digital I can see now that you intend to thrive off of the controversy of this thread and of the misfortune of FF and do not actually care about how it impacts the users or staff. I never stated that others were not allowed to discuss FF. I welcome it. However, anything along the lines of official updates should be left to official members of the Felisfire administration because at least then it would be valid information. But it seems that you have no interest so long as there is some kind of information to boost activity. I am disappointed in how this situation is being handled, and I see no reason why I should even continue bothering with it. Given your post, you seem to have no respect for me or my concerns towards the site I am trying to keep together during this time. If this is how you intend to treat users who come to you with legitimate concerns, then I see no reason to make an official statement on the behalf of Felisfire or to further affiliate myself with this forum. I have greater concerns at the moment than being played for entertainment. I am sure the drama will continue here, but I am taking myself out of this situation. It's just not worth arguing over. I know where FF stands, and I know where I stand. We do not have time to deal with something like this.
  2. While I agree the information about the sale should be fair game for posting, I do not believe that any of the drama should have been added in as it seems rather unnecessary. Given the recent history of the site where we've had users go to other sites and try to bash Lyro and Slash, I do not want things to be posted that could be taken way out of context and negatively impact the site, especially when users could just ask questions and I'd be happy to answer them myself. There is a lot more to this than just the screenshots posted, but the screenshots are only showing the negative side of it. We would prefer that all updates about the site be made by an official representative of the site to avoid any drama or misunderstandings, should we ever decide that we wish to post here. (Also, just to clarify, FF is not technically "open for anyone" as each and every application is looked over and decided upon by staff to make sure they reach the minimum criteria posed by the ToS. The news and forum are also not viewable unless you are a member.)
  3. I am the HA of Felisfire, and I suppose to avoid this thread turning into drama against FF's staff, coder, and owner I will add in my two cents. Since this is not a thread created by anyone related to FF's staff or ownership, I'm going to suggest @Digital step in and review this situation before it gets out of hand. It is my full intent to protect my staff and my user base with my following statements and to keep drama from affecting them. To begin with, up until this point no current staff member, including myself, was ever aware of the exact numbers made by FF each month. I was under the impression that revenue was low, therefore I promoted the sale, as any head admin would do in support of those who are in charge/own the site. In no way should members of my staff be held responsible for any of this mess. They knew as much as I did (that being very little). That being said, I now have access to the site revenue thanks to Slash and will be able to keep users updated on our goals. Now, as of the last time I spoke with Slash, we will continue to hold a sale to make up for the missing server fees. We fully intend to keep FF up and alive until a contractual agreement can be made between Slash and one of the interested parties who intend to purchase the site. While it is not the best situation, we are making the most out of it. Hopefully Slash will have sold the site in the next few weeks and we can begin the process of building the site up again. I have been in contact with one potential buyer and I can say that I am optimistic on how things will turn out. However, all such updates regarding the sale and what happens will be posted on Felisfire, not here. I have little interest in being dragged into an offsite drama thread when my attention should be on the users of Felisfire. Anyone can send me a message on FF if they wish to learn more or ask questions.
  4. Well, that would be fun. Would certainly make the job easier for any welcome mods/team.
  5. GAH. It's a Cybura! And yes, auto welcome.
  6. Well then... That's certainly an interesting way to start things.
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